Our 4 Step Process

Deployment Phase (Setting up the website)

  1. Staging Environment houses all the websites with a core unit to allow plugins to stay updated until the site is live. 1 update, updates all the website.  At live site, we transfer updated files to server to ensure site is Maintained. With a stage site it is easy to transfer over to live. 
  2. Registration is made via a registration page. The same time the user creates their subdomain, and the test environment is created with a coming soon page. The Developer has time to just focus on getting a layout for website.
  3. Use library of templates or Template Mockups are created and Template purchased with “Code Specifications” in builder: EX: Visual Composer, DIVI, Etc.
  4. Content Creation is easily transferable (Automation for Step

    Content Phase (Information gathering)

    1. Intake Form with Complex Script Action: As the user enters information into this page, the information is output into a database location (Easy Edit/Modify for User in case of typo errors) and (Developer Data Specification FIle). User can easily upload file into website to Save Time in data entry.
      1. This file will allow through our backend easy import into sections of any template. Speeding up the process of for data entry and allowing Developers to focus on code issues vs data-entry.
      2. Monthly maintenance on content updating is reduced by allowing the system to automate this task. Developers have more time on creating new websites and focus on functionality driven projects.
      3. Keyword analysis and intake can update easily without knowing any coding knowledge. Allows for end user to update their keywords easily.

Aesthetics & Optimization

    1. CSS Styling will have proper guidelines and locations for future developers to adopt. This helps with Google Page Insights and speed.
    2. Developers will have a better knowledge base of plugins for Speed/Functionality.
    3. Change Tool on all sites to allow easy updates to Sections, if a section has a major change. The better option is via our intake form.

Going Live – Simple Deployment installer to place on all live sites